Lee Padilla

Dessert/Party Styling

Party and Dessert Styling could be hard and stressful but when you see the result of your full effort that went on for weeks or even months, it becomes a source of fulfillment indeed.

How did I start this hobby? My name is Lee Padilla, a mother of two little ones (Clia & Liam) and a wife to Chris. My interest in organizing events and doing DIYs started during my wedding preparations in 2010. I planned almost the whole wedding. I even did the invitations, giveaways etc. So when I moved to Germany with my husband, I rarely found the time to pursue my interests with Party Styling because I applied as a Web/Graphic Designer immediately, which is still my main career facet to this day. I only ever got back to Dessert/Party Styling when I gave birth to my first child Clia and before I knew it, it was already her first birthday! Being a new mom piqued my interests again and paved the way to my first ever DIY Polka Dots Themed Party for her.

In May 2012, I was not into baking yet so I asked some help from my friend Everly and she luckily she took care of the dessert. Soon after another baby came! My Son Liam made the challenge of making his first birthday fab to an even higher level. Being their mom, I really wanted to give each of my children a memorable first birthday party. For Liam, we had a farm-themed party with the help of my friend Carina who’s luckily also into baking. It was a big celebration with my family and friends here in Germany. (see picture below) So there goes my little story! After that event lots of my friends asked me to help them with their parties and this is still the case until now.

I eventually decided to learn baking and started my first official blog website "The Famgeeks" at the same time. Why "The Famgeeks"? my Husband (Chris) and I are into Marvel, DC and Disney stuff. And this being a family blog, expect some posts about some of our family travels as well. To be consistent, I used this same name for my Dessert/Party Styling services.

I also had to take the pictures posted here by myself because I can’t afford photographers! haha!.. Kidding aside, photography also happens to be another hobby I have which I share with my hubby.

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